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HOT ITEM!<br> Zork Corks

Get your Zorks here! See below for more details and view video.

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Sale price:$13.99
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We were a bit skeptical when we heard about these little gizmos but we were pleasantly surprised. They are a cork closure and capsule all in one. They aren't really a cork at all because they are made out of a durable heavy duty vinyl. No corker needed to insert into bottle. Sold in package of 30 for $15.99

They look great, are easy to insert, easy to remove, attractive and provides a great seal. Plus you can use the cork/closure part as a reuseable tasting cork to reseal the bottle! Fits most standard wine bottles no tools required. Just give a firm push and viola! Bag of 30. Gold, green, silver, blue, red, bright yellow.

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