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Orchard Breezin Sweet
Fruit Wine Juices

Orchard Breezin Sweet<br> Fruit Wine JuicesA Refreshing Alternative Easy to make and easy to drink, Orchard Breezin Winemaking Kits provide a refreshing alternative to wine or coolers. They are a perfect balance of fruit and wine not too sweet, and not too dry. Enjoy it in a tall glass over ice with good food and good friends.

These kits make 6 gallons of wine and come complete with all necessary additives. They can also be made as a 5 gallon kit for a fuller-bodied, higher alcohol wine.

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Acai Raspberry Rapture <br> (formerly: Cabernet Sauvignon)
Blackberry Blast <br> (formerly Merlot)
Cranberry Craze <br> (formerly: Chianti)
Rockin Raspberry Rose <br> (formerly:  White Zinfandel)
Seville Orange Sangria
Strawberry Sensation<br> (formerly Riesling)

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