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No Boil Beer Instructions

No Boil Beer Instructions We call our No Boil kits Easy Ass because they are so simple to make. Don't believe it? Look how easy:

Our No Boil kits are top quality beer kits that are already hopped and do not require boiling. We nicknamed them Easy Ass because they are so easy to make!


- Open the can of malt and place in a shallow bowl of hot water to allow the malt to warm so it is easier to pour.

- While the malt is warming, bring one gallon of water to a boil.

- Pour the liquid malt into a clean and sanitized bucket (large enough to accommodate a 5-gallon batch). Also, pour the Dried Malt Extract (DME) and the bag of Corn Sugar into the bucket. Pour boiling water slowly into the bucket and stir well. Do not add the Priming Sugar at this time.

- Once the malt is dissolved and smooth. Add approx 4 gallons of cold water (enough water to the 5 gal mark of the fermenting bucket). If your water is cold enough, this should bring the temperature to just under 80 degrees. If it is higher than that, place the bucket into a sink of cold water to get it to cool quickly. Once it is below 80 degrees, use your hydrometer to check and record the specific gravity. Sprinkle the yeast on top of the wort. Place fermenter in an area that will maintain a temp of 65-70 degrees.


- Allow to ferment for 5 days (check & record specific gravity). Rack (transfer) your beer into the fermenting bucket. Leave behind sediment.


- Clean and sanitize approx 50-12oz beer bottles. Dissolve 5 oz of priming (corn) sugar into one cup of very hot water. Pour that into a clean and sanitized bottling bucket. Siphon the beer into the bottling bucket and gently stir the beer and priming sugar together.

- Bottle immediately into clean and sanitized bottles. Cap bottles and allow to stand upright at room temperature (65-70 degrees). Allow to sit for approximately 1 week to fully carbonate. Your beer will be carbonated in about a week but will taste much better after 2-3 weeks.

Drink & Enjoy!

By starting your beer in the bottling bucket (with the spigot), you will be able to end up back in the bottling bucket on bottling day. Please disregard if you do not have a bottling bucket or if you have additional fermenters.

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