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Wine Making JuiceWe are proud to carry Wine Expert and RJ Spagnols winemaking products. These two manufacturers of wine kits are the best in the world. Not only do they source from some of the best grape growing regions in the world, they are extremely particular about the quality of grapes that go into each kit.

All of our juice kits make 6 gallons (approx 30 bottles, 750 ml) of wine. Each kit contains concentrated juice, yeast, stabilizing and clearing agents. Also comes with complete instructions. Please note: the Specialty juice kits (ice wine, port, etc.) make 3 gallons.

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Wendy's Product Tip: When helping customers select wine juices, I like to have them think of our Vintners Reserve juices as a great everyday wine. One that will make a nice easy drinking wine that can be enjoyed anytime. Our Selection and Eclipse wine juices are more for your Saturday night or special occasion wine. They make amazing wine that will be enjoyed by your family and friends. The wines are so good, your friends & fam may even wonder if you made these yourself!

Vintners Reserve White Wine Juice
Vintners Reserve Red Wine Juice
World Vineyard White Wine Juice
World Vineyard Red Wine Juice
Selection Red Wine Juices with Grape Skins
Selection Premium White Wine Juices
Selection Premium Red Wine Juices
Eclipse Ultra Premium WHITE Wine Kits
Eclipse Ultra Premium RED Wine Kits
Island Mist Sweet Fruit Wine Juices
Ice Wine & Dessert Wine Making Juices
1 Gallon Juice Kits
Fresh Juices Fall 2015
Limited Edition Juices

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