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Bergamais Vintners Reserve

Bergamais Vintners Reserve
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Bergamais is such a fun wine. Yes, usually red wines are very serious but this light-bodied wine is red with a fun and playful attitude.

It's color is a bit lighter red than most and has a much lighter taste. Think of it as a "juicy" wine. When drinking it, you'll feel like you just bit into a fresh juicy red berry.

This terrific tasting light-bodied, off-dry red has no oak added. This combination makes for a delicious, easy drinking wine with all the great health benefits from red wines. How can you go wrong!

I love to serve this wine with heavier dishes because its lighter body gives your heavy dishes good balance. Try it with lasagna, beef wellington, lamb and veal. Its great with softer cheeses such as brie or smoked provolone.

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