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Fermtech Auto Siphon

Fermtech Auto Siphon
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Item #:L548221
Regular price:$9.99

Pull up and push down. It's that easy to quickly siphon your juice from one carboy to the next. Comes with 5' of tubing for free! For even faster siphoning consider the large siphon. However, if you are connecting anything to the siphon be sure to order same size. For example, if you want to use with Fermtech Bottle fillers be sure to get the regular size.

Mini size is ideal for one gallon and small (short) fermenters), both Regular and Large can be used on most standard 5 & 6 gallon fermenters.

Mini & Regular size is 5/6" diameter $12.95
Large size is 1/2" diameter $16.95

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