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This is a great All-In-One Kit that features our Deluxe Equipment Kit, a juice and two cases of bottles!

WineMaking All-In-One Kit
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Item #:L10195
Regular price:$239.99
Sale price:$199.99
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Our All-in-One kit contains:

7.8 gal Plastic Primary Fermenting Bucket with Grommeted Lid
6 Gallon Plastic Carboy
3 pc. Airlock
Buon Vino Stopper
Bottle Filler
Fermtech Auto Siphon
5 Feet Siphon Tubing
Stirring Spoon
One-step Sanitizer
30 Corks
Double Lever Corker
Test Jar
2 cases of bottles
Juice - select from above list

The kit comes with a plastic PET carboy. We recommend this carboy because it is especially made for wine making. It does not stain, breathe, and its so light and easy to clean and handle. If you would prefer glass, please be sure to check the glass option when selecting the item.

Our equipment kits are shipped in their original white labeled boxes. If you prefer, we can pack the kit in an additional plain brown box for a small charge of only $5.00. We recommend this packaging method if the equipment kit will be given as a gift. Simply check the "packaging" option box when making your purchase.

You get 2 cases of .750 ml bottles which is 24 bottles. Your juice will make 30 bottles so we suggest recycling some bottles during the 4-6 weeks your wine is fermenting!

PRODUCT TIP: Purchase an additional PET carboy, stopper and airlock. This will allow you an extra vessel to transfer (rack) your wine to and give you the opportunity to start a second wine before the first one is complete!

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