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One Gallon Wine Making Kit

1 Gallon Equipment Kit
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We love our 1 gallon winemaking kit! Why? Because we listen to our customers. We had so many people stopping in the store only wanting to make a small batch but we only had equipment kits in 5 and 6 gallon sizes. As a store owner, of course, I wanted to satisfy my customers needs...hence the One Gallon Wine Making Equipment kit was born!

Our One Gallon Kit has all the equipment needed - all you have to do is add the fruit and additives (see below to order our additive pack). Comes with a complete instruction book loaded with recipes from grapes to fruit wines! This kit is designed for the "experimenter". Someone who wants to start off on the smaller side using their own ingredients.

2.0 Fermenting Bucket w/lid
1 Gallon Glass Carboy
4' Siphon Hose
3 Pc. Airlock and Stopper
Shutoff Clamp
Wine Yeast
Wine Making Book

Click here to add a our additive pack that contains all the necessary ingredients to make most fruit and grape wines. This is a convenient way to buy wine additives.

Click here to add dried elderberries. Purchase the one gallon kit, the add pack and these dried elderberries and you'll have some awesome tasting elderberry wine in no time!

One Gallon Instructions are an easy to follow step by step way to make wine. Please refer to the book that comes with the kit for complete fermentation details and winemaking instructions.

One Gallon Kit Contents

Ships in a plain brown box.

Wendy's Product Tip: The One Gallon Wine Making Equipment kit is a great way to make wine in small batches. This is handy when you're not sure if you are going to like what you make. For example, I love pineapple but didn't know if I'd like pineapple wine. Making a gallon at a time gave me a chance to experiment. And, if you are interested - I love my pineapple wine! It also gives you the opportunity to perfect a small recipe before going to a bigger batch. BUT - ya knew it was coming - if you are looking to make traditional wines (what I mean by that is if you are looking to make a Merlot, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir), then buy a 6 gallon wine making kit because all of our concentrate juices make 6 gallons. One gallon kits are for someone who may have some fresh fruit and want to try to make wine from scratch.

1 Gallon Equipment Kit
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